JNU MA International Relations Entrance Exam Syllabus and How to Prepare Notes

In JNU MA Politics (with specialisation to International Relations) entrance, the questions are based on the graduation level syllabus of Political Science, History and Economics. There will be twenty questions; questions are from each subject above. And you have to attempt five questions from them. Apart from that all other important aspects of the subject that you have studied in your degree course is important. Even if you have a background of science stream, you can easily get through the entrance. Actually your previous background does not matter because the entrance is very easy…..the best answer JNU expects from you is the critically analyzeand your understanding of  the subject…
The questions is generally covered from these topics: 1. Indian National Movement/ Freedom Struggle
2. Indian Government and Politics
3. Comparative Politics
4. International Relations
5. Indian Foreign Policy
 6. Indian Political Thought.
Focusing on two or three topics of these will be enough. Don’t go for all topics as there will be 20 questions out of which you will have to answer only 5 questions ! 
You can have an idea about the questions asked in the entrance by looking at previous year’s questions….So to look at previous years questions is a must for every aspirant. Please study on these topics extensively….internet is a good place to read …Besides, read The Hindu Newspaper daily and Frontline Magazine…. And if you want to read more you can consult these books: